Gas Solutions
We meet your needs with cost-effective gases supply solutions.

Well Solutions is staffed with highly experienced professionals dedicated to understanding your needs and preferences and meeting them. Whether your needs are for gaseous or liquid gases purchased in cylinders, delivered in bulk, prepared on site or carried through a pipeline. We will offer a gas and/or liquid production system that will reliably and cost effectively supply the products you need; now and into the future.

Industrial Gases
Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Dissolved Acetylene, Helium, Ballon Gas, Hydrogen, Air, & etc.

Specialty Gases
The difference between industrial gases and specialty gases are different of the application, complexity, level of purity and certainty of composition. Specialty gases are a comprehensive range of traceable calibration standards, mixtures, pure gases and equipment for the research, quality assurance, process control and medical laboratory markets.

Pure Gases
Pure Gases are considered to be specialty gases when they are used as support gases for laboratory instruments such as chromatographs, mass spectrometers and other various types of analyzers and detectors. A full range of purities - for certain applications, up to 99.9999 percent - is available.

Mixture Gases
Mixture Gases are frequently used with various types of analyzers for process control and regulatory compliance. Some specialty gas mixtures are contain only three or four components, such as nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide mixtures. Others may be quite complex, containing as many as 30 or more components. eg. Calibration gas mixtures & Laser gas mixtures.

Rare Gases
We have a reliable source of quality rare gases - most of them ready to ship from our warehouse as well as from our partner locations across the globe. The major supply: Xenon 99.999%, Krypton 99.999%, Neon 99.999% & etc.

Other Specialty Gases:

  • Silane,
  • Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6),
  • Ethylene 99.6% and Ethylene Oxide,
  • Hydrocarbon gases:Propane, Ethane, Butane, etc.

Medical Gases:

  • Enthonox,
  • Nitrous Oxide,
  • Ethylene Oxide,
  • Breathing Air,
  • Medical Oxygen,
  • Sterilisation gases, & etc.

We provides a full range of products to serve the needs of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industries. Many refrigerants in current use are either chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). These two classes of fluorocarbon refrigerant have an adverse effect on stratospheric ozone.
(Refer to our cylinder color chart for more details)